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  • Analysis of a property for its highest and best use including advice to
    clients if zoning changes are needed to accomplish the highest and best use;

  • Property valuation based on the analysis;

  • Analysis of the sub-market in which the property is located including current
    developments, land sales data, demographic information and traffic counts;

  • Consistent contact with local government officials regarding zonings, utility
    availability, and road improvements.

  • Ongoing discussions with local property owners to establish strong communication
    lines and credibility;

  • Up front qualification of property owners to determine which owners are
    worth pursuing, and which are simply "soliciting bids;" and

  • Objective third party representation in delivering and negotiating the purchaser's
    offer thus allowing the client to avoid seeming overly eager to purchase the

  • Establishing a marketing plan, complete with marketing material and packages
    to be delivered to, and presented to, prospective buyers;

  • Up front qualification of all prospective purchasers who show interest in the property;

  • Physically touring prospective buyers on the property; and

  • Reviewing all offers made on the property and advising the client of all
    suggested business point negotiations.

  • Demographic analysis;

  • Traffic counts;

  • Proposed road improvement study;

  • Conceptual land plan;

  • Zoning analysis;

  • Utility analysis;

  • Comparable land sales analysis;

  • Use recommendation; and

  • A marketing plan for the sale of the property.


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